For over 70 years, Arrow Engineering Mixing Products has been one of the leading laboratory mixer manufacturers of electric and air-powered lab mixers and equipment.

From 1945 until the mid-1980s Arrow manufactured explosion-proof air mixers until purchased in 1985 by The Fluets Corporation, a precision manufacturing company servicing the commercial, automotive, and aerospace industries. This merger expanded Arrow’s standard laboratory mixer manufacturing capabilities to include a full line of electric overhead stirrers, air powered mixers, and laboratory-grade mixer accessories.

Our current line of electric and air mixers best meet the rigorous demands and precision needs of any laboratory application. Arrow’s reputation is second to none and has been built on our dedication to the quality of our lab equipment and the customer help/support we provide before, during, and after purchase.

Our laboratory stirrers can be purchased direct and are sold through all major distributors within the industry.

In addition to offering a superior product, Arrow Engineering Mixing Products offers a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee and a full one-year warranty on all our available products.


Why Arrow?


Our customers demand the very best and turn to Arrow Engineering Mixing Products for their laboratory mixer application needs. As a top industrial mixing equipment company, we are committed to manufacturing top quality products and delivering A+ customer service. Top distributors, who also pride themselves in offering high quality equipment, such as McMaster-Carr and Cole-Parmer, as well as many others, trust and endorse our products.


The rigorous demands of most laboratories require dependable manufacturers who are responsive and can deliver the equipment you need, when you need it. Arrow Engineering Mixing Products guarantees all products sold on our website including all electric stirrers, air-powered mixers, and any mixer components will always be in stock. We also offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a full one-year warranty.

Industries We Serve

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food
  • Cosmetic
  • R&D
  • Paint & Ink
  • and a wide array of other industries


Our industrial processing mixers meet the highest standards for all industries. Simply put, we’ve got the right model designed to get the job done.

  • When volatile liquids or fumes are a concern, our air-powered stirrers are all explosion proof and ideal for mixing any type of solvent, lacquer, or chemical materials.
  • When changing the direction your overhead mixer rotates is a concern, our air-powered reversible mixer or heavy-duty electric stirrer are great options to give you this added flexibility.
  • When corrosive fumes or dust are a concern that could affect the life of your stirrer, our fully-enclosed electric stirrers would be an ideal choice.

Our industrial mixing equipment company offers a wide variety of great features throughout our full line of high quality products such as:

  • Load meters
  • Variable speed controls
  • Corrosion resistant PTFE or stainless steel shafts and propellers
  • Continuous agitation
  • Adjustable stands
  • Air filters and lubricators
  • And so much more.

Shop with us today and see our full line of industrial overhead mixers and accessories. You can also contact us for help or to find out more information.