Best Industrial Batch Mixers for Large Batch Sizes

The Best Mixers for Large Batch Sizes

When you purchase an industrial mixer, there are several important factors that you must take into consideration. One such factor is your batch size, or the amount of material that intend to mix at one time.

When mixing large batches over 100 liters, you have to be sure and choose batch mixing systems, such as laboratory mixers, in order to generate turbulence throughout the mixture. If you use high-quality industrial mixing equipment that is not rated for the batch size you are mixing, there may be zones within your mixture that do not experience any turbulence at all and therefore don’t get mixed.

Thankfully, there is a wide variety of great industrial batch mixers capable of handling batches in excess of 50-100 liters. Below are four such electric mixers that we offer which are well-suited for large batch sizes.

Industrial Batch Mixers

Model 1200

Our Model 1200 electric mixer is a heavy-duty mixer capable of handling batch sizes up to 100 liters. This mixer generates 6.6 in-lbs of torque and runs at up to 1200 RPM, making it ideal for mixing large batches of viscous materials. Other important metrics for the Model 1200 mixer are its 1.5 amps of power consumption, its 3/8″ shaft diameter, and its 13 lb weight. If you are looking for a high-quality mixer that can handle the demands of both viscous materials and large batch sizes then the Model 1200 is an excellent option to consider.

Model 850

The Model 850 electric mixer is a medium/heavy duty mixer that can handle batch sizes up to 100 liters. This mixer generates 7.35 in-lbs of torque, runs at up to 1,000 RPM, has a power consumption of 1.4 amps, a shaft diameter of 3/8″, and a weight of 11 lbs. It’s a well-rounded mixer that is ideal for mixing large batches and a wide range of materials.

Model 350

The Model 350 electric mixer is used as a heavy-duty mixer that offers tons of torque for mixing viscous materials while also being able to handle batch sizes up to 50 liters. The mixer runs at up to 350 RPM while generating an impressive 14.5 in-lbs of torque. Other important metrics for this mixer include its .8 amp power consumption, its 3/8″ shaft diameter, and its 11-pound weight. While the Model 350 isn’t able to handle batches as large as some of our mixers, it does generate a mass amount of torque while still being able to mix up to a 50-liter batch – a considerable feat that makes this mixer ideal for many applications.

Model 2000

Our Model 2000 electric mixer is a heavy duty mixer able to handle batches up to 200 liters, making it one of the best mixers on the market for large batch sizes. This industrial mixer generates 4.6 in-lbs of torque, runs at up to 2,000 RPM, has a shaft diameter of 3/8″, a weight of 14 lbs, and a power consumption of 1.3 amps. If you need to mix a batch of materials that is unusually large, the Model 2000 machine is up to the task.

Choosing the Electric Industrial Stirrer for Large Batch Sizes

Industrial Batch Mixers

When you’re mixing a large batch of materials, you have to make sure to choose a high-quality mixer that is suited for the job. As industrial mixer manufacturers, Arrow Mixing offers several mixers that are ideal for large batch sizes including:

  • Model 1200
  • Model 850
  • Model 350
  • Model 2000

After matching an industrial batch mixer with your standard batch size, be sure to consider other factors such as the viscosity of the materials you intend to mix and choose a lab mixer that is perfectly suited for your specific application. If you have any questions at all about choosing the best mixer and mixer accessories for large batch sizes, we invite you to check out our extensive list of our types of electric and air mixers.