Why Liquid Soap Manufacturers Need Industrial Mixers

Given that liquid soap is a product used in almost every household in the industrialized world, it’s no surprise that the global soap and detergent industry amounted to $97.26 billion in 2016. If you intend to carve away some of the industrial soap making market share, though, it’s essential that you follow a perfect liquid soap making procedure with the right ingredients, and make use of high-quality soap making products to assist you in all of the steps in making liquid soap.

At Arrow Engineering Mixing Products, we are proud to partner with manufacturers in the liquid soap industry to supply them with the best industrial soap making equipment and mixer accessories needed to successfully produce a top-quality product.

The Liquid Soap Making Procedure And Ingredients

For centuries, the kettle method was the standard liquid soap making procedure. The procedure involved mixing soap one kettle at a time, however, it took up to eleven days to produce a batch and the final product varied from batch to batch. In 1940, though, design engineers developed a new cost-efficient method for  liquid soap manufacturing called the continuous process which is still used by most soap manufacturers today.

Liquid Soap Mixer

In the continuous liquid soap production process method, liquid soap is mixed and produced continuously rather than being mixed one batch at a time. Natural fat is separated in fatty acids and glycerin (which is a by-product of the process albeit a valuable one since the glycerin can be used to produce lotions, medications, nitroglycerin, and more). The fatty acids are then mixed with alkali and other ingredients such as fragrances and stabilizers to form the final product.

How Liquid Soap Making Equipment Can Help

Mixing fatty acids with the other ingredients necessary to make soap requires you to make use of a high-quality mixer. This is especially true in the continuous process of making liquid soap since your mixer will likely be running non-stop for extended periods of time. Using a mixer so frequently means that you will need to employ a durable and reliable mixer that has a long life-cycle and can stand up to the rigors of constant use.

At Arrow Engineering Mixing Products, we offer a wide range of professional mixers and industrial mixing tool options that are ideal for use in the manufacturing of liquid soap. These mixers include our Model 1200 electric stirrer which has a max speed of 1200 RPM and a max torque output of 6.6 in-lbs, our Model 2000 electric stirrer which has a max speed of 2000 RPM and a max torque output of 4.6 in-lbs, and numerous others, making them ideal liquid soap mixers. In addition, we also offer a wide range of mixer accessories to help you customize your mixer for soap making to meet the unique requirements of your specific mixing operation.Industrial Soap Making Equipment

If you are designing a process to begin manufacturing liquid soap, you can count on our experienced professionals to provide your factory with all of the high-quality industrial soap making equipment that you will need.

Liquid Soap Making Suppliers

Mankind may have been producing soap since the time of the Romans, but the steps in making liquid soap have changed dramatically since then. Today, liquid soap manufacturers must be able to rely on cutting-edge equipment and efficient processes to produce a product that their customers will love. At Arrow Engineering Mixing Products, we can help by:

    • Providing soap making supplies, such as high-quality mixers that are up to the demands of mixing liquid soap.
    • Providing a wide variety of mixer accessories to best help you customize your mixer to your specific process.
    • Helping you choose the right type of mixers and soap making accessories as you go about developing your liquid soap manufacturing process.

If you would like to learn more about how Arrow Engineering Mixing’s air powered and electric mixers are crucial soap manufacturing equipment, we invite you to contact our experts today.