The Relationship Between Electric Mixers & the Coating Industry

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Companies within the coating industry produce a wide range of products designed to increase the durability, aesthetic appeal, and more for the items the coating is applied to. Whether your coating company is producing paint for use in the home, a corrosion-resistant coating that is applied to vehicles, or anything in between, there’s one thing that all companies in the coating industry have in common – the need for high-quality mixing equipment such as a high-speed paint dispersion mixers.

At Arrow Engineering Mixing Products, we are proud to partner with companies in the coating industry to provide them with the industrial paint mixers they need to manufacture their products. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the mixing processes involved in producing paint and coating products as well as why Arrow Engineering Mixing Products mixers are ideal for the job.

Mixing Processes Within the Coating Industry

There is a wide range of products in the coating industry, and manufacturing every single one of them requires a number of mixing processes. Coating companies must ensure that all of the various ingredients that make up their products are thoroughly mixed together throughout each step of the manufacturing process in order to produce a homogenous, well-mixed final product.

Coating Mixer by Arrow Mixxing

If you are producing liquid coating such as paint, you’ll need to make use of a high-speed agitator for the paint mixing process. Since liquid coatings are not particularly thick, the mixing speed of a high-speed paint mixer will enable you to quickly mix your products and improve the efficiency of your operation. On the other hand, if you are manufacturing thicker coatings such as powder coatings, you may need to make use of a low-speed mixer that delivers more power and torque. Whatever type of mixing machine that you need, though, Arrow Engineering Mixing Products is avilable to help.

Arrow Engineering Mixing Products and the Coating Industry

At Arrow Engineering Mixing Products, we offer a wide range of high-quality paint mixing equipment, such as our electric and air mixers that are ideal for use in the coating industry. These include high-speed stirrers for quickly mixing liquid paints and coating such as our Model 2000 electric stirrer and our Model JR4000 electric stirrer, low speed, high torque mixers for mixing thicker materials such as our Model 350 electric stirrer, and a variety of mixing accessories to customize your mixer to your specific application.

If you are mixing coating products that are flammable, we also offer a wide range of explosion proof air mixers that are perfect for mixing flammable materials. Whatever mixing equipment that your operation requires, we at Arrow Engineering Mixing Products will be happy to provide you with the high-quality mixers that you need to produce the products that your customers love every time.

Industrial Paint Mixer

Let Arrow Engineering Mixing Products Partner With Your Coating Company

If you need mixing equipment to produce your paints and coatings, don’t rely on a used industrial paint mixer that will likely break down in little time at all – let Arrow Engineering Mixing Products provide you with the industry leading mixers designed to truly improve the efficiency of your operation and the quality of your final products. To summarize, just a few of the mixers that we offer which are ideal for use in the coating industry include:

  • Model 350 electric stirrer
  • Model 2000 electric stirrer
  • Model JR4000 electric stirrer

At Arrow Engineering Mixing Products, we are proud to partner with a wide range of companies in the coating industry and would love the opportunity to supply mixers and mixing accessories to your coating company as well. If you would like to learn more about any of the mixing machines that we offer at Arrow Engineering Mixing Products or need help choosing the right mixer for your operation, we invite you to contact us today.