Electric Stirrers vs. Air Stirrers: Which is Right For You?

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To thoroughly and properly mix a solution, an electric or air stirrer is the logical choice. At Arrow Mixing Products, we are proud to offer a wide range of electric and air mixers ideally suited for your needs. In this article, we go through the main differences between electric and air mixers to help you find the one that is perfect for your application. 

Electric Stirrers vs. Air Stirrers

Are there any differences when discussing electric stirrers vs. air stirrers? Let’s take a look:


The only difference between the motor is what’s being used to power the motor. For pneumatic mixers, compressed air is used to power the motor, making it safe to mix flammable liquids. For electric mixers, electricity is used to power the motor and is a great choice to use when mixing anything nonflammable. 

Flammable Liquids

The main difference between electric and air stirrers is their ability to mix flammable liquids. Air stirrers can be used with flammable liquids due to the motor being powered with compressed air, while electric stirrers cannot. Electric mixers pose the risk of creating a spark and igniting explosive materials as their motors are powered by electricity.


Electric and air stirrers are mixers used to mix different substances in a container. They consist of a shaft with a propeller or impeller at the end that is submerged in the substance to be mixed. The shaft connects to an electric or air motor that turns the propeller, causing the liquid to flow and creating a vortex. 

Thus, the only differences between an electric and an air stirrer are what’s used to power the motor and the materials you should mix with it. If you are ever mixing with a flammable liquid, it is imperative to use an air mixer.

Applications for Electric Stirrers

An electric stirrer is a laboratory device used to stir liquids. Stirrers come in a variety of sizes and styles, with some models capable of stirring large volumes of liquid and others designed for more delicate tasks. Electric mixers are not ideal for mixing flammable materials since they create the possibility of an electric spark. They also have a wholly enclosed non-ventilated motor to keep dust and fumes out, resulting in a longer service life.

electric stirrers, time, power, work, motor, mixing, ideal business, accessories

Electric stirrers are often used in:

  • The pharmaceutical industry to create solutions (mixtures of two or more substances), and suspensions (a solid dispersed in a liquid).
  • Cosmetics applications to make creams, lotions, and other products.

Whether you’re a scientist or a cosmetologist, an electric stirrer can be a valuable addition to your toolkit.

Applications for Air Stirrers

electric stirrers, time, power, work, motor, mixing, ideal business, accessories

If the materials you’re working with contain volatile chemicals, solvents, lacquers, or other flammable materials, air stirrers are the way to go! They are used in a variety of industries to mix or agitate substances, from ink and paint to chemicals.

Air stirrers come in different sizes and styles, and choosing the right one depends on the specific application.

Key Takeaways:

  • Electric stirrers are used to stir liquids and are perfect for cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.
  • Air stirrers mix or agitate substances and are perfect for ink and chemical applications.

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