When is it Time to Replace Your Industrial Mixer

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Industrial mixers are an essential part of the manufacturing process for a wide range of products. They are used to blend and mix various components together to create a final product, and they come in a variety of sizes and types to accommodate different manufacturing needs. However, even the most well-built and durable industrial mixers have a lifespan, and it’s important for manufacturers to know when it’s time to replace them.

Here are some signs that it may be time to upgrade your commercial industrial mixer or call it in for repair.

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1. Frequent Breakdowns and Repairs

If your mixer is breaking down frequently and requiring repairs, it’s a sign that it may be time to replace it. Frequent breakdowns not only lead to downtime and lost production, but they can also be a safety hazard for employees. At Arrow Mixing Products, we offer industrial mixer repair services with next-day results. You can send it back to our experts and we’ll perform a free evaluation in which we’ll check out all the different mixer parts, including the switch and the motor. However, if professional repairs become too frequent or expensive, it may be more cost-effective to invest in a new mixer.

2. Decreased Efficiency

As mixers age, they can become less efficient at mixing and blending ingredients. This can result in longer mixing times and lower-quality products. If you notice a decrease in efficiency, it may be time to consider a new mixer that can improve your manufacturing processes and increase productivity.

3. Limited Capacity

If your manufacturing needs have grown and your mixer can no longer handle the amount of product you need to produce, it may be time to upgrade to a larger mixer. Arrow Mixing Products offers mixers in a range of sizes to accommodate different production needs.

4. Safety Concerns

If your mixer is not meeting safety standards or is becoming a safety hazard due to wear and tear, it’s important to address these concerns by either repairing or replacing it. The safety of employees should always be the top priority in any manufacturing facility.

5. Outdated Technology

If your mixer is outdated and no longer meets your manufacturing needs, it may be time to upgrade to a newer model with updated technology. This can help improve efficiency and productivity, as well as ensure that your manufacturing processes are up to date with current standards and regulations. At Arrow, our new digital display readouts for electric mixers are launching soon! Give us a call if your business is interested in upgrading.

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Arrow Mixing Products Repair and Warranty Policy

Arrow Mixing Products offers a range of mixers for various industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. Their mixers are designed with durability, efficiency, and safety in mind, but even the best mixers have a lifespan. It’s important to keep an eye out for signs that it may be time to replace your mixer, and Arrow Mixing Products is here to help with industrial mixer repair services and a wide range of mixer options.

In addition to offering quality mixers, Arrow Mixing Products also provides warranties on their products. Their standard warranty covers parts and labor for one year from the date of purchase, and they also offer extended warranties for up to three years. This gives manufacturers peace of mind, knowing that their investment in a new mixer is protected.

Pick the Correct Mixer for Your Needs

Arrow Mixing Products lists all of the parameters for their mixers on their website, making it easy for manufacturers to find the mixer that best suits their needs. The parameters listed include mixer type, capacity, horsepower, and more. This information can help manufacturers make an informed decision when it comes to upgrading their mixer.

In conclusion, it’s important for manufacturers to know when it’s time to replace their commercial industrial mixers. Signs that it may be time to upgrade include frequent breakdowns, decreased efficiency, limited capacity, safety concerns, and outdated technology. Arrow Mixing Products offers a range of mixers and repair services, as well as warranties and parameter information to help manufacturers make the best decision for their manufacturing needs. Contact our experienced team today and we’ll be happy to assist you!