Why Arrow’s Air Mixers and the Ethanol & Biodiesel Industry go Hand in Hand

Explosion proof mixer

It’s a known fact that crude oil isn’t going to last forever, meaning that alternative fuel sources such as ethanol and biodiesel will continue to play an increasingly important role in helping us solve our energy crisis. Of course, converting raw plant material into a powerful fuel source is no easy task, and manufacturers of ethanol and biodiesel must rely on high-quality equipment in order to ensure that their operation is successful.

At Arrow Engineering Mixing Products, we are proud to partner with manufacturers in the ethanol and biodiesel industry to supply them with the mixers and mixing accessories they need to produce a high-quality product.

How Ethanol & Biodiesel are Produced

Ethanol is made using corn while biodiesel is typically made using vegetable oils, though animal fats can be used as well. There is a wide range of processes that convert these raw materials into functional energy sources, each involving a variety of separating, mixing, and refining processes. Which process that you employ will depend on the raw materials that you are using, the fuel you are producing, and other factors.

Air powered mixer

No matter what process you use, though, you will need to mix your materials throughout the various stages of production. At some of these stages, the materials you are mixing will be quite flammable, meaning that you will need to take careful precautions regarding the mixer that you choose.

How Arrow Engineering Mixing Products Can Help Ethanol & Biodiesel Manufacturers

When mixing flammable materials such as those that you will be mixing in the production of ethanol or biodiesel, it is essential that you make use of explosion proof mixer. Using a mixer that has electrical components submerged within the mixture creates the risk of an electrical spark setting your mixture on fire.

With an air powered mixer, though, no electrical components come in contact with the mixture at any time. This makes an air mixer ideal for use in the mixing processes involved with producing ethanol and biodiesel.

At Arrow Engineering Mixing Products, we offer a wide range of high-quality air mixers that are perfect for mixing flammable materials. Our Model 750 air driven stirrer, for example, is an air powered mixer capable of producing 28 in-lbs of torque at a max speed of 3000 RPM. Meanwhile, our Model 1500 air driven stirrer can produce 56 in-lbs of torque at a max speed of 3000 RPM. These, of course, are just two of the high-quality air mixers that we offer.

Model 750 air Air mixer

In addition to our air mixers, we also offer a wide range of mixer accessories to help you customize your mixer to your specific application. As always, every mixer and accessory we offer at Arrow Engineering Mixing Products is made using the highest possible quality components and manufacturing processes, guaranteeing a product that is built to last.


Air mixers play a vital role in the production of ethanol and biodiesel, and at Arrow Engineering Mixing Products, we are proud to provide the manufacturers of these fuels with the equipment they need to be successful. A few key takeaways about the production of ethanol and biodiesel include:

  • There are a variety of ways to produce these fuels, but each one involves numerous mixing processes.
  • When mixing flammable materials such as ethanol and biodiesel, it is essential to make use of an explosion-proof mixer.
  • Every air mixer we offer at Arrow Engineering Mixing Products is fully explosion proof and ideal for mixing flammable materials.

If you would like to learn more about how Arrow Engineering Mixing Products can help provide you with the equipment you need to begin manufacturing ethanol or biodiesel, we invite you to contact us today.